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Discover the story behind the creation of Dawn Scent LOGO


The embrace of the night—a time when the glow of a candle is most needed and most appreciated.


The spherical glow that radiates from a lit candle.


In negative space: A beacon of light in the darkness.


DawnScentLogo Mark-04.jpg

Symbolizing the dawn, when the lark heralds the morning with its song.


The crescent moon symbolizes the night and represents the serene transition from night to dawn.


Represents Exquisite Craftsmanship just like our candles are designed in a minimalistic approach, yet each scent makes its unique and everlasting impact.


Once upon a time, in the southern part of Phnom Penh, nestled between lush hills and whispering forests, there was a small, enchanting home shop named Dawn Scent Candle. Founded by Cheng and Dara, this humble shop was a haven for those seeking solace and tranquility through the soft glow of candlelight. As the shop grew in popularity, they moved to the vibrant center of the city in Toul Tompoung, bringing their delightful creations to an even wider audience.

At the heart of Dawn Scent Candle was a beautifully designed logo that captured the essence of the shop's story and mission. The logo, elegant in its simplicity, was a black circle, symbolizing the embrace of the night—a time when the glow of a candle is most needed and most appreciated.

Within this circle, the negative space formed the silhouette of a delicate candle flame, a beacon of light in the darkness. This flame, gentle yet resilient, embodied the core purpose of Dawn Scent Candle: to bring warmth, light, and a touch of magic to the lives of those it touched. The round shape of the logo mirrored the spherical glow that radiates from a lit candle, symbolizing the all-encompassing comfort and peace that candlelight provides.

Nestled within the flame was the graceful outline of a lark, subtly integrated, symbolizing the dawn. Just as the lark heralds the morning with its song, so too did the candles of Dawn Scent Candle usher in a new beginning with their exquisite scents. This lark was a gentle nod to the shop's name, a reminder of the promise each new day holds.

On the right side of the logo, embracing the candle flame, was the shape of a crescent moon. The crescent moon symbolized the night, a time when the world is quiet and the senses are heightened. It was during these moments of stillness that Cheng and Dara believed their candles could create the most profound impact. The crescent moon represented the serene transition from night to dawn, a time when the magic of their scents could transform a simple moment into an unforgettable experience.


Cheng and Dara believed in the transformative power of scents. They understood that fragrances could evoke memories, alter moods, and create an atmosphere of serenity and joy. Each candle they crafted was a sensory journey, carefully blended to tell a story through its scent.


From the sweet and fruity notes of peach and mango, evoking the warmth of a tropical morning, to the floral elegance of roses and cherry blossom, capturing the essence of a blossoming garden, each candle was a tribute to the diverse and beautiful experiences of life. The invigorating aroma of lemongrass and peppermint could refresh and awaken the senses, while the comforting scents of vanilla and cinnamon brought the cozy, familiar feeling of home. The rich, sophisticated notes of red wine and wood spice added a touch of luxury and depth, perfect for moments of quiet reflection.


Customers often spoke of how the scents from Dawn Scent Candle filled their homes with an ambiance that was both enchanting and calming. A single candle could transport them to a tranquil garden, a serene forest, or a beloved memory from childhood. The shop's name, Dawn Scent Candle, was a testament to the belief that every day should begin and end with moments of beauty and peace, brought to life through the power of scent.


The logo of Dawn Scent Candle, therefore, was not just a mark of identification but a story in itself—a story of light, renewal, and the transformative power of fragrance. It stood as a testament to Cheng and Dara's mission to illuminate lives and create lasting memories, one candle at a time. With the crescent moon symbolizing the tranquil nights, the flame representing the light of dawn, and the lark heralding new beginnings, the logo reminded everyone that in the darkest of nights, a simple flame and a beautiful scent can guide you to a new beginning.

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